Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update: Our kid is with relatives for the week...What's the gameplan?

We had a semi-successful week, although not as cheap as I had hoped.

"First, we want to paint the master bedroom."  Yes, complete. Although we spent a little more than expected because we used the fancier paint store for its color matching service.  In our experience, the home improvement chains just don't do a good job of that.  So we ended up with pricier $40 zero VOC paint (to satisfy my environmentally-conscious side) but we only had to do one coat.  So, now that I think about it, rather than do two coats and buy two gallons of lower quality paint, we saved ourselves some time and only had to do one coat and buy one gallon of good paint.  So the paint cost, in my opinion, was worth it to save some time and hassle.

"Second, we need to get our son a twin mattress and box spring...Oh crap. That will also mean new bedding for him."  Done and done.  Again, continuing the trend, this was one cost that was WAY more than I had expected.   Of course, I still have to fight my impulse-spending tendencies.  They may have taken charge during the mattress shopping trip.

The Mattress (and more): While we had originally planned on just getting the mattress and box spring and setting it on the floor for a couple of months, once in the store we found out that the box spring may not be necessary depending on the style of bed we chose in the future.  While I didn't want to spend the extra cash on the bed quite yet, I would hate to buy a box spring that ends up in the basement after only a few months. So, we went ahead and got a headboard and footboard that we liked, along with a mid grade mattress that is comfortable and should last our son for quite a while.  (I know you're thinking, "Why didn't they just get the single mattress and wait on the other stuff?"  Yes, I am kicking myself a bit for not thinking of that option and fighting my impulses a little more at the time.  We're all human.  And Hubby caved, too.)   We would've bought a headboard and footboard eventually, I keep telling myself.

Our budget did get a slight reprieve because Hubby gets a discount at this store through work, and luckily it's one of the lowest price furniture stores in town.  In all honesty we probably would've started there anyway, even if he didn't get the discount.  

The Bedding:  After some searching, I found a nice bedding set at Target for $50 in a stripe and check pattern I felt could grow with him while coordinating with his current decor.  He's 3, after all, and he won't love Lightning McQueen forever!  I also sprung for the waterproof mattress cover and zippered mattress and pillow covers (for waterproofing and allergen reducing.)  I spent just over $100 for everything.

"Third, there are some miscellaneous paint touch ups and holes to patch."  Started patching and a few paint touch ups, but not complete.  Had to buy small quart of paint for $8.  Now it's just a matter of finding the time to finish it.

"Fourth, purchase and install new towel bar and toilet paper holder."  Looked around, but didn't find anything I liked, let alone that I would spend money on.  Probably just as well since we had so many overruns in our budget.

"Fifth, make a new batch of laundry detergent."  Done. Easy. You should really try it.

"Sixth, clean out the garage so my husband can park in there for the winter..."  Nope.  We used the nice weather days at the beginning of the week to do the other higher-priority projects.  Then it got cold mid-week and I'm too much of a wuss to work outside in the cold.  Plus, I still had my regular work schedule and responsibilities.

"Seventh, we need to haul a bunch of stuff to the special recycling facility."  Nope. Everything remains right where it has been, in the basement or garage or office.  Maybe over the holidays when I get a few days off I can make some time to clear some stuff out and take it over there.  Until then it will sit.

All in all, though we spent more money than I would've hoped, it does feel good to take care of some things and spend some money.  We've been on a serious spending hiatus for the past few years so we haven't spent on anything that wasn't an absolute necessity.  We will be transferring money from savings to cover some of the cost (I refuse to use credit cards to finance large purchases) and the money will be replaced within 2 months, hopefully sooner.  And I can't forget the reaction from my son when he came home at the end of the week to see his brand new big boy bed, all put together--it was priceless.  It wasn't just about the bed to him--he actually felt like a "big kid".  He felt so special.  Every kid deserves to feel extra special once in a while.   

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