Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Beginning of My Journey

On a whim, I have decided to add to the ever expanding list of personal finance blogs, hopefully with a female spin, to track my personal journey and growth (fingers crossed) and maybe help a few who stumble upon it.  I will be the first to acknowledge I'm not perfect.  These are my opinions and thoughts and you may not agree with me.

 You may find that my oddball ideas for budgeting or saving money can't/won't work for you.  You may even have a problem with my grammar, spelling, or punctuation.  I apologize.  This is a blog, and I'm not a journalist.

I'm not sure what this will become, exactly.  This will not be a couponing blog, although I do coupon so there may be some related content.  It will not be an investment focused blog.  I myself am still learning.  I promise never to utter a phrase similar to "Eliminate the daily latte and save X number of dollars per year."  It's the most over-used, uncreative financial tip EVER!

I will share my struggles, successes, and failures (however few, HA!) as a mother and chief financial officer of my household.  I will be realistic and honest.  And hopefully one day we'll all be gazillionaires!

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